The Walking Dead's zombies just killed a TV ratings record

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Marc Bernardin
Dec 15, 2012

It seems like die-hard fans weren't the only ones who tuned in to the second season premiere of AMC's horror favorite: Enough people strapped in to make it the highest-rated cable premiere in almost a decade.

The Walking Dead's premiere infected 7.3 million viewers on Sunday night, making it the biggest basic-cable premiere since USA's The Dead Zone, back in 2002. And, if you count the folks who caught the premiere's encores, you get 11 million folks (and that's before the DVR numbers come in).

As AMC president Charlie Collier so humbly put it:

"The Walking Dead is one of those rare television programs that reaches both a core genre fan as well as broad audiences simply looking for a great, character-based story. ... That The Walking Dead is now the most watched drama in the history of basic cable is staggering, just like our zombies."

You know, 11 million people make for a lot of bbbrrrrraaaainnnsss. (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

(via Deadline)

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