Walking Dead creator fires back at former friend's lawsuit

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Dec 16, 2012

After being sued by his former collaborator last week over a payment dispute, Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman has fired back—calling the lawsuit "ridiculous."

Artist and longtime Kirkman pal Tony Moore filed the suit seeking access to profit information from the Walking Dead comic and the hit AMC television series it has spawned.

In the filing, Moore claims he was fraudulently convinced to sign away his interest to Kirkman and has been locked out of the profit information to be sure he's been paid correctly.

Moore hasn't worked on the comic in years, but he inked the first six issues and did covers for a couple dozen before stepping away.

Kirkman has now fired back with a statement to The Hollywood Reporter, and not surprisingly he calls the suit absolutely frivolous.

"The lawsuit is ridiculous; we each had legal representation seven years ago and now he is violating the same contract he initiated and approved and he wants to misrepresent the fees he was paid and continues to be paid for the work he was hired to do," Kirkman said. "Tony regularly receives payment for the work he did as penciler, inker and for gray tones on the first six issues of The Walking Dead comic series and he receives royalties for the TV show. To assert otherwise is simply incorrect."

In an effort to prove his point, Kirkman points to the credits on the first few issues of the Walking Dead comic, which credits Kirkman as sole creator, with Moore listed as "penciler, inker, gray tones."

Considering how big a hit The Walking Dead has been for AMC, it's not too surprising to see everyone involved pushing to make sure they're getting a fair share. Here's hoping this thing gets resolved soon, so we can all go back to talking about, you know, the zombies and such.

(via The Hollywood Reporter)