Walking Dead exec reveals what's next now that we're in Woodbury

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Dec 17, 2012

Some of the coolest stories in The Walking Dead comic ramp up once we meet the Governor and the town of Woodbury. For fans on the TV series, we're finally there. So what's next?

The series' creator Robert Kirkman has chatted with MTV to talk about the aftermath of all the shiny new stuff we saw this past Sunday, and how it will start a fundamental evolution in the series going forward.

"For the first two seasons, this has been Rick's show. We've known that cast. Coming into the third season and picking up with those characters and finding out where they are and what's going on with them has been very important. We're adding a lot of new elements into the show this season, and we've been very careful to parse them out in a way that isn't too jarring. We definitely wanted to get back into the Walking Dead show we know and love before we started into the crazy evolution of this new Walking Dead that people are going to be blown away by."
Kirkman and company have piloted that new model by splitting the cast between Rick's gang at the prison and Andrea and Michonne in Woodbury. We get a little bit of the old mixed in with some new people and places, but it still feels like the apocalypse we know and love.

The dynamic between Andrea and Michonne is something that will stick around for the long haul, Kirkman said, pointing out that Andrea likely has more loyalty to her sword-wielding pal than to her old group:

"I think they're two very strong warrior women, for lack of a better term. They relate on the strength they both have. These are two women who grew a tremendous amount of respect for each other very quickly. Michonne met Andrea by watching her take out a bunch of zombies just before she got into a little bit of trouble. They started in a pretty good way, with one saving the other. That kind of thing has occurred time after time over the past few months. I think if you sit down and do the math, one thing that's interesting is that Andrea's time with Rick and the group is actually a shorter amount of time than her time with Michonne. While we may not have seen a lot of that stuff, they've grown a much stronger bond than Andrea might have grown with even Dale. We'll see a lot more of that moving forward."
What do you think? Do you like the new dynamic?

(Via MTV)