Walking Dead producer reveals who else he almost killed this season

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Dec 16, 2012

After a slow start to the first half of season two, AMC's hit zombie series The Walking Dead finished with a bang this weekend—knocking off several characters in the process. But did you know that one cast member (who is still kicking) was not originally supposed to make it to season three? Spoilers ahead!

We already know that Dale (Jeffrey DeMunn), Shane (Jon Bernthal) and some lesser characters bit the dust in the final two hours of season two.

But showrunner Robert Kirkman tells Entertainment Weekly he had originally planned for even more carnage: the death of farm owner Hershel, who has grown into a strong ally for Rick as of late.

"Hershel was originally going to be murdered by Randall in episode 12," he said. "So we were going to lose Hershel, Randall and Shane all in one episode, which I felt was really cool."

So what changed his mind?

"At the end of the day we had so much story to tell with Hershel, and he had such a central role in the ensemble, and Scott Wilson is such a phenomenal actor that we felt like it was overkill," he said. "So [he] got a reprieve."

What do you think? Did the writers make the right call keeping Hershel around a while longer?

(via Entertainment Weekly)