Walking Dead producer teases season two's 'shocking cliffhanger'

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Dec 17, 2012

With the second season of AMC's hit zombie drama Walking Dead storming toward its conclusion, producer Gale Anne Hurd teases that the finale could top last year's cliffhanger.

Talking to E! Online, Hurd said the season is building toward as "shocking cliffhanger." So shocking, she says, you won't even be able to tweet about it.

"When we mixed the last couple of episodes, 2.12 and 2.13, even my jaw dropped—and I was there when we shot it," she said. "I have a feeling, even though people are inveterate tweeters during episodes, I have a feeling there may be some significant periods of silence because people may not be able to click on their keyboards."

Hurd said the storylines ramping up around the group's last kiddo, Rick's son Carl, will provide a fascinating lens for how much the world has changed since the walkers took over.

"The opportunity we have with Carl's character is to see what it's like with someone growing up in which this is the new normal," she said. "You can't get too attached, but you don't want to lose your humanity at the same time. As a child you don't know the difference, but as the parents you do, and that's why I think Rick is who he is and does what he does in many instances because he is always trying to think, 'What kind of example am I setting for Carl?'"

Sound off: Considering the direction the series has taken of late, what do you think will be the "shock" in the touted cliffhanger?

(via E! Online)