Walking Dead ratings up, Terra Nova down and 13 other genre shows

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Dec 15, 2012

How's your favorite show doing as we enter the home stretch of the fall? This week, Terra Nova continued to decline, Grimm lost some of its premiere audience, The Vampire Diaries got a surprising spike, and The Walking Dead remained on top of Sunday night cable.

Check out our chart and the analysis below for all the details on how your favorite shows fared in Live + Same Day ratings.


Terra Nova (FOX) 6.59 million viewers/2.1/6 share

You can chalk some of it up to loyal viewers taking time to trick or treat with their kids, but it's still hard to deny Terra Nova is losing ground. Its fifth episode Halloween night was the lowest rated broadcast of the series so far, and it's now lost nearly 3 million from its premiere crowd back in September. Six and a half million viewers isn't bad, sure, but when you consider how much it costs to produce, Terra Nova could be in serious trouble.


American Horror Story (FX) 2.74 million viewers/1.6

Here's a show that keeps going strong. It's not back up to its premiere numbers (which topped 3 million), but American Horror Story's fifth episode was still the second most-watched cable program on its night, and it only lost the top slot to South Park by 100,000 viewers.


The Big Bang Theory (CBS) 15.98 million viewers/5.4/16 share

The Big Bang Theory earned a season high of almost 16 million viewers this week, and easily won its night in viewers, rating and share. There's not much else to say. This show is just a powerhouse.

Person of Interest (CBS)
11.76 million viewers/2.7/7 share

Though viewers in the 18-49 demo tend to give more attention to its direct competitors (Bones, Grey's Anatomy and The Office), Person of Interest continues to win its time slot in terms of total viewers. This week it picked up 100,000 more from last week, and though it's not back up to its early season numbers (which topped 13 million at the premiere), it was still the number four most-watched show on the night, and the only shows watched more were its CBS brethren.

The Vampire Diaries (CW)
3.51 million viewers/1.6/5 share

More good news for The Vampire Diaries. Last week it earned season high numbers, and this week it topped those, gaining another tenth of a ratings point and another share point. It also managed to beat a major network show, Charlie's Angels, in its time slot.

The Secret Circle (CW)
2.26 million viewers/0.9/2 share

The Secret Circle is holding steady at just under one whole ratings point and just over two million viewers a week. Because we're talking about the CW, it's sort of hard to tell if that's enough. The show is still pulling in its key demo viewers (young women), but it's losing more than a million viewers from its lead-in show, The Vampire Diaries. In the end, it'll just be a question of whether or not this show is worth keeping around for 2 million viewers.


A Gifted Man (CBS) 8.55 million viewers/1.2/4 share

The ghostly medical drama returned from an off week with a little bit of a slump, dropping one tenth of a ratings point and one share point for its sixth episode. But in terms of total viewers it still crushed every other show in its time slot, and the only shows watched more on Friday nights are the shows that follow it on CBS.

Chuck (NBC)
3.10 million viewers/0.9/3 share

It was a bad week for Chuck. It seemed like the World Series got in the way of higher premiere numbers, but it turns out the numbers are even smaller this week. The show lost three hundred thousand viewers and one tenths of a ratings point in the second week of its final season, but held on to its share. Chuck has nothing to lose at this point, but it's still bad news for the perennially struggling NBC.

Fringe (FOX)
3.21 million viewers/1.3/4 share

After two weeks off, Fringe returned and actually gained a tenth of a ratings point for its fifth episode of the season. It's not posting incredible numbers, but at least it's showing signs of being consistent.

Grimm (NBC)
6.01 million viewers/1.8/6 share

Last week the big news was that Grimm had strong numbers in spite of the World Series finale, but having that game out of the way hasn't done it any favors. It actually lost about half a million viewers and three tenths of a ratings point in its second week. It's still the highest-rated show of its time slot (though not the most-viewed), but it remains to be seen how many of those six million viewers will keep holding on.

Supernatural (CW)
1.84 million viewers/0.8/2 share

In its seventh week of the season Supernatural finally caught a numbers spike, taking on 100,000 more viewers than last week and hitting an 0.8 rating for the first time since its season premiere. It's not much, but it's a good sign for a show that hasn't seen a lot of good signs so far this year.

Clone Wars (TOON)
1.56 million viewers/0.3

Clone Wars lost 200,000 from last week's viewership, but that's not the problem. The fact that it lost two tenths of a ratings point might be a problem. This show has that built-in Star Wars power, sure, but a slip like that isn't something you can just ignore.

Sanctuary (Syfy)
1.25 million viewers/0.4

Sanctuary bounced back a little this week, gaining a tenth of a ratings point and about 50,000 more viewers. It's not a massive leap, but it's a move in the right direction. Let's just hope this show can start keeping its numbers stable as we head into November.


The Walking Dead (AMC) 6.29 million viewers/3.4

AMC's zombies bounced back a little in their fourth week of the season, picking up three tenths of a ratings point from their third week. The show isn't back up to the more than 7 million viewers of its season premiere, but it doesn't have to be, because nothing else on Sunday night cable can touch it.

Once Upon A Time (ABC)
11.45 million viewers/3.8/9 share

Once Upon A Time continues to hold the crown of most-watched scripted broadcast show on Sunday nights through its third week, despite losing one tenth of a point and two hundred thousand viewers. The show's numbers haven't fully stabilized yet, and we have to see what November sweeps will bring, but ABC already gave this a full season order, and the numbers continue to look promising.