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WIRE Buzz: New Wallace & Gromit in the works; Netflix mashes up superheroes and rom-coms

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May 21, 2019, 6:19 PM EDT

Is that afternoon malaise settling on you?

Perk yourself not with another cup of coffee, but with another edition of WIRE Buzz! In this fresh roundup of genre-centric news, we've got the latest updates from Aardman Animation, Netflix's film slate, and the top streaming service out there!


Aardman Animations, the stop-motion animation entertainment company that scored acclaim with properties like Wallace & Gromit and Shaun the Sheep, is delivering on more W&G content, The Hollywood Reporter confirms.

According to creator/director Nick Park, it's more likely that we'll see additional Wallace & Gromit shorts before we see the characters in another feature film, the last of which (The Curse of the Were-Rabbit) was released back in 2005.

Wallace & Gromit

Credit: Aardman Studios

“I think having just reached [the age of] 60, you sort of start to think how much can I do, you know?” Park told THR. “And I've got so many ideas, and feature films just take so long. So, I'm not saying 'no' but at the moment, a half hour seems far more attractive I must say ...  it's Wallace & Gromit up to their old antics.”


Netflix is mashing up the superhero genre with a romantic comedy. Per a report from Collider, the streaming giant has just purchased the rights to Omega Girl Falls in Love, an original feature-length script from Pixels scribe Tim Dowling.

Tim Dowling

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While not many details are currently known about the project, Collider does specify that the romance-based story takes place in an action-packed universe where superheroes exist. Liza Chasin (Baby Driver), who has a first-look deal with Netflix, is on board as producer.


Netflix is also part of our third news hit in this WIRE Buzz, as the streaming service was voted as having the best original programming "among premium TV and over-the-top subscription services," Variety reports.

This comes courtesy of data released by Morgan Stanley, which finds 40% of subscribers preferring Netflix; that's 1% more than last year's report. HBO came in second at 11%, a 3% decline from last year's report.

Stranger Things 3 Eleven and Max

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Hulu and Amazon ranked third and fourth with 6% and 5%, respectively.

The results came from a survey polled against more than 3,000 Americans 18 and older in March of this year.