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Credit: Cyclops Print Works/Disney/Xinwei Huang

These amazing Disney tourism posters make our favorite fantasy worlds seem real

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Aug 9, 2018

Summer's a time for taking vacations, but what if you could travel to the location of your favorite Disney film and hang out with the characters there? Well, you can't, but the next best thing are the totally awesome prints from Gallery Nucleus' "Dream Destinations: a Disney Travel Poster Exhibition," done in collaboration with Cyclops Print Works and ending August 18. 

A group of extremely-talented artists, with uniquely different styles, have created a staggering collection of tourism posters for some of the most iconic settings in the Disney universe. Almost resembling old school political proaganda (there's no other way to describe it), this collection of over 30 pieces of artwork is simplisticly beautiful.


Credit: Cyclops Print Works/Disney/Xinwei Huang

Some of them are real-world locations like Hawaii (Lilo & Stitch), Peru (The Emperor's New Groove), Italy (Lady and the Tramp), and France (101 Dalmatians) as well fantasy ones like Arendelle (Frozen), Zootopia (Zootopia), and Neverland (Peter Pan).

Nearly every era of Disney animation is represented in this exhibit: the classics of the Golden Age (Fantasia), the non-stop hits of the Renaissance (Beauty and the Beast), the often overlooked gems of the early 2000s (Atlantis, Treasure Planet), and even Disney Channel fare (Gravity Falls).


Credit: Nucleus Gallery/Disney/Kevin Hong

Nucleus prints can be purchased here and Cyclops prints can be purchased here, but our contact at Cyclops has informed us that supplies are running out fast. You can also check out the gallery below for an in-depth peek at the tourism posters. We're booking our imaginary tickets now.

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