Walt Simonson opens up about his IDW series, Ragnarok

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Aug 1, 2017, 11:33 AM EDT

It's safe to say that legendary comics writer and artist Walt Simonson knows a thing or two about Thor.

During the 1980s -- from November 1983 to August 1987, in fact -- Simonson wrote and drew (with help on the latter from Sal Buscema after a while) the Thor comic book for Marvel. Simonson's time on Thor turned out to be not just the best stretch for the book since Stan Lee and Jack Kirby originated the character, but one of the greatest runs in the history of comics, widely considered a high point for both the God of Thunder and Marvel itself.

Simonson had and has a deep, abiding love for Norse mythology, so he got together with IDW in 2014 to do a new Thor comic -- not about the Marvel Avenger per se, but about the mythological figure on which he was based and the story of Ragnarok, the apocalyptic end of all things from which the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok movie gets its name (Simonson's Thor doesn't exactly look like Chris Hemsworth, we can tell you that).

We had a chance to get the details on his current Ragnarok comic (he's two six-issue arcs in and just starting to work on the third) from Simonson himself during a sitdown at Comic-Con two weeks ago, so check out the video below and listen to his very detailed description of this pretty amazing-sounding book. Simonson and Thor together again ... a match made in Asgard.

(additional reporting by Don Kaye)