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Walt Simonson puts on quick-sketch clinic, draws Ragnarok Thor

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Aug 25, 2017, 4:15 PM EDT

Many cartoonists have their own particular tricks and shortcuts to save time while drawing and sketching at conventions and store signings. Understandable, given the incredible demands on an artist's time at a big show like San Diego Comic-Con. Also, it's not as easy as one would think to draw a nice sketch of Thor.

Well, unless you're Walt Simonson. The iconic creator has been a fan favorite for decades, not just because of his epochal run on THOR in the 1980s, but also for his work on DC's Manhunter and Orion, as well as Marvel's original Star Wars comic series. But he's just as popular for being one of the most accessible and accommodating stars in the biz. Simonson has been known to sign comics until he's exhausted at cons, and for doing free head sketches for fans whenever time allows (somewhere, this writer has a Wolverine head sketch obtained from Simonson back in the '80s). That's important to note, too, because since he doesn't sell his original art, any Simonson artwork is in high demand.

When he joined us at the SYFY WIRE studio at SDCC this year, Simonson sat down to sketch the main character from his IDW creator-owned property, Ragnarok. As you can see in the video below, he explained that his approach at cons is to work fast and loose when sketching, so as many fans as possible leave with something. How can you not love a guy who thinks about his fans that way? Sit back and watch how fast he puts together this ... pardon the pun ... jaw-dropping sketch of his current take on the God of Thunder.

(FYI, the page you see Simonson tear off at the start of the video contained a quick doodle of Beta Ray Bill that he did to loosen up. We can neither confirm nor deny reports that blood was shed in the tussle to claim said doodle.)