Walter drops some acid in hilariously trippy new Fringe clip

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Jan 14, 2013, 2:52 PM EST

We might not get the usual wacky episode 19 in the abbreviated final season of Fox's Fringe—but that doesn't mean we won't get some trippy action before the series heads off into the sunset.

A new clip from tonight's episode has been released, showing the aftermath of one of Walter's (John Noble) acid trips. He's apparently trying to unlock the plan to defeat the Observers he believes could still be locked in his subconscious. Instead, he dredges up some of his own personal demons.

Of course, all that pain is played out with absinthe-themed fairies, just as that mysterious radio that turned up in the pocket dimension starts broadcasting a mysterious message. Oh, Walter.

Jasika Nicole, who plays Astrid, told TV Line the episode should be a treat for longtime Fringe fans jonesing for some Walter-focused angst:

"It's amazing if you think about it from Walter's point of view. But for the others, this is not the time, this is not the timeline, this is not the year, this is not the place to be doing drugs! ... This one is just so sad because Walter is lost in his own world. Everyone is like, 'You've got to get yourself together,' but we can't shake him out of it or get him coffee or anything -- if they even have coffee in the future. It's a lot of work to keep him on task."
Check out the clip below:

(Via TV Line)

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