Walter Koenig says William Shatner was no Patrick Stewart

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Dec 15, 2012, 11:18 AM EST

What do you do if you're a Star Trek actor with an almost 45-year-old grudge against the guy who played your captain on the show? Why, you compare him to the actor who played the other famous Enterprise captain on the next Star Trek series, of course.

Walter Koenig, who starred as the original ensign Pavel Chekov on two seasons of Star Trek (if you guys recall, he wasn't in the first season) and in seven films, was entertaining fans over at London Comic Con this past weekend, and Trek Movie was there to report on the convention.

The actor talked to the fans about his appearance on Bill Shatner's Raw Nerve and revealed that his stint on the show had not really helped to heal the wounds of the past. (It's no big secret in the Star Trek community that the Shat alienated most of his fellow castmates—with the exception of Leonard Nimoy—over his years playing Capt. James T. Kirk; including the late James Doohan and George Takei, who's been very vocal about the subject.)

However, Koenig said that Shatner's invitation to appear on his show had been "very generous, and in my old age I'd like to think it was genuine."

Then he got right to talking about that rift thingy with Shatner, saying:

"Bill ... just never got it. Bill wasn't Patrick Stewart. We never had the respect for our captain the way the TNG [Star Trek: The Next Generation] crew had with theirs."

The TNG cast became a very tight-knit bunch after a bit of a difficult first year (after Patrick Stewart basically learned to relax and became the biggest prankster of the bunch), but the TOS cast ... not so much.

So what do you make of Koenig's comment?