Wanna control NASA's budget?

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Aug 19, 2009
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If you've ever wanted to influence the way the government spends money on NASA, here's your chance! The Federal Office of Management and Budget has a job opening for NASA Program Manager:

Incumbent will analyze, evaluate, and develop creative and effective options and recommendations for policy, budget, legislative, and management issues pertaining to science and technology.

Of course, the qualifications section makes it clear they want someone with experience and abilities to handle the load. Personally, they'd have to quintuple the salary to make me even consider a job like that; knowing what I know about a) the government and 2) NASA, I'm sure after a week I'd go running naked down the streets of DC babbling incoherently and have to be locked up for the public's safety.

But don't let that slow you down. Seriously, this is an important job, and I hope they can find someone who understands the process and can cut through a lot of the garbage bureaucracy that's slowing down our ability to get out into space.