Wanna read the unused script for 2002's epic Superman/Batman movie?

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Aug 29, 2013, 3:50 PM EDT (Updated)

With the cataclysmic casting news about Ben Affleck donning the Bat cape for the upcoming Superman vs. Batman cinematic showdown, the hype meter for Warner Brothers' Man of Steel sequel has redlined.  As the smoke settles on last week's shockwave, here's some late-summer reading from yesteryear to satiate the faithful.

This script for 2002's ill-fated Batman vs. Superman movie, Asylum, was written by two Hollywood superstars, Andrew Kevin Walker (Seven, Sleepy Hollow) and Akiva Goldsman (Lost in Space, A Beautiful Mind).   Walker did most of the heavy lifting, with minor revisions by Goldsman, who was also responsible for the monumental travesty that was Batman and Robin

That rotting goose egg aside, this screenplay is an honest attempt to bring the DC titans together, with some touching moments, dark surprises and a fun carnival of characters from both realms sprinkled into the recipe.  Alas, Warner Brothers' greenlit project, to be directed by Wolfgang Petersen, was eventually canceled.  Have a look...

Batman vs superman Asylum screenplay


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