Wanna hear Stephen King read the 1st chapter of the Shining sequel?

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Dec 16, 2012

Ready for a rowdy band of psychic vampires, a middle-aged Danny Torrance and the little boy named Tony who lives in his mouth? Stephen King promoted an epidemic of insomnia this week by unveiling the initial chapter from his long-dormant Shining follow-up, Dr. Sleep.

Fans at the Savannah Book Festival were treated to some trademark touches of singular horror with the sneak preview of his latest supernatural scribblings. Starting with the aftermath of the little Overlook Hotel ordeal, the story picks up with a 40-year-old Danny working at an upstate New York hospital for the terminally ill. Using his acute paranormal powers, Danny helps patients cross over to the other side, battles pirate bloodsuckers and makes an extra buck or two betting on racehorses with fellow Shiner Dick Hallorann (still alive).

Douse the lights, turn up the volume and check it out ...

Sounds promising! King officially announced plans to return to the Torrance family back in September, and followers have only been tossed morsels of madness since then. He's repeatedly declared it was going to be "a goddamn scary book" and during a lecture at George Mason University last year, the Master of Horror had these words about the project:

"This is an idea that I've had for some time. I wrote a novel in the '70s called The Shining ... I always wondered what happened to that kid, Danny Torrance, when he grew up ... and this story started to form. The book isn't finished yet, it's called Dr. Sleep. This kinda goes back to: what's the worst thing you can think of? I knew that there were bad people in this story that were like vampires, only that what they sucked out was not blood, but psychic energy from special people like Danny Torrance. And I came to realize that these people were called The Tribe and that they move around a lot. Their leader is a woman called Rose [unintelligible] they all have these kinda pirate names, because pirates is sort of what they are."

With the second draft done, Dr. Sleep is hopefully due to haunt bookstores sometime in late 2012. Meanwhile, we'll keep dreaming.

(via Geek Tyrant)