Wanna read the CDC's official zombie preparedness comic?

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Marc Bernardin
Dec 15, 2012

No, really. The Centers for Disease Control have created an educational comic to show the populace what they should do in the event of the (inevitable) zombie holocaust. The fact that many of those same steps are applicable to any natural disaster is just icing on the undead cake.

Listen, we know it's not a very good comic for comics' sake. It is neither well written nor well drawn. But rather than take a corporate comic to task for being a corporate comic, we'd rather just give a round of applause to the CDC for using the eternally popular and totally fictional zombie threat as a teaching opportunity (hard copies of the piece were distributed at the recent NY Comic Con). These totally transferable lessons wouldn't have made it into nearly as many hands without being delivered by a horde of the walking dead.

If you wanna read the entire free comic, head over here.

(Via ComicsAlliance)

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