Wanna see David Tennant's new Who-centric ad that pissed off BBC?

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Dec 17, 2012, 3:16 PM EST

Two years after hanging up his sonic screwdriver as Doctor Who, David Tennant has teamed up with a cable company to make a commercial that plays on his tenure as the legendary time traveler—but it seems the BBC is not laughing.

Tennant, who served as the Doctor from 2005-2010, recently filmed a commercial pushing the TiVo function for Virgin's television service in the U.K. The spot features Tennant and a time machine, and the BBC thinks those are enough similarities to formally request that Virgin kill the ad.

Though Tennant never actually gets in the TARDIS-sized time machine, Virgin head honcho Sir Richard Branson does—and soon emerges as his younger self.

Honestly, the ad doesn't really seem that similar to Who, but the Beeb protects that property like a rottweiler, so it's no surprise it would be upset.

"We should ensure that the BBC brand is not used to endorse outside companies or organisations," the BBC said in a statement. "We can achieve this by ensuring commercial advertising, promotion and press releases by outside companies do not give the impression of BBC endorsement, and advertising does not 'pass off' BBC programmes."

To its credit, Virgin is standing strong, and the company says the ad is about Branson's "love of exploration"—not cashing in on Who.

Check out the commercial below. What do you think? Is it perfectly acceptable, or too close for comfort?

(via The Mirror)