Wanna see the 1st 10 minutes of Teen Wolf S2? Here's how

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Dec 17, 2012

Season two of MTV's hit werewolf drama Teen Wolf doesn't debut until June 3, but you may be able to get a look at the first 10 minutes soon—you'll just have to check out this awesome trailer first.

In an effort to build some buzz for the new season, MTV has released an action-packed new trailer, showing off the werewolf drama based on the cult classic 1980s film of the same name.

If you want to get a peek at the first 10 minutes from season two, get to watchin' the trailer, because the only way MTV will post the full intro is if the clip gets 5 million views.

The trailer is studded with cameos from sci-fi alums, ranging from Michael Hogan (Saul Tigh from Battlestar Galactica) to J.R. Bourne (Martouf from Stargate SG-1), and it looks like a fun fantasy romp.

Check out the clip below:

(Via Entertainment Weekly)