Want the Mad Max flamethrower guitar? Build one yourself

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Jun 8, 2015

When it comes to high-speed combat, Mad Max: Fury Road is an elegant ballet of anarchy. Although the see-saw attacks are positively sick, even more spectacular is the power metal guitarist who inspired the road warriors with a flame-throwing guitar. But more awesome than that? You can build your own flame-throwing stringed instrument.

Except that this stringed instrument isn’t a guitar. 

According to Caleb, a YouTuber with Make Magazine, “I don’t live in the post-apocalyptic desert. I live in the midwest. So I had to take it down a notch.” So he built a flame-throwing ukulele.

Caleb doesn’t just show you how to build a flamethrower. He also offers some important safety tips, such as “Make sure your workspace is clear of flammable objects, keep your hair tied back, and keep a working fire extinguisher within arm’s reach.”

With step-by-step instructions, Caleb makes it reasonably easy to make your own flame-throwing musical instrument.

You probably won't want to provide your own post-apocalyptic desert.

V(ia Gizmodo)

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