Want more of The Flash? The CW's released a new 5-minute trailer!

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May 15, 2014, 3:16 PM EDT (Updated)

Last night, The CW gave us a tip of The Flash iceberg. But Thursday the network revealed a five-minute trailer with actual footage from the series. The video opens with a young Barry Allen being beaten by a bunch of kids. He complains to his mother that he wasn't fast enough to get away. She declares, "It's better to have a good heart than fast legs." We say, why not both?

Thursday The CW announced its upcoming fall slate, and The Flash made the list. Surprisingly, the series won't be paired with Arrow. Instead, it will air on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. prior to Supernatural. Meanwhile, Arrow will stick to its Wednesday timeslot.

Speaking of Arrow, he makes an appearance in the Flash trailer. He gives some sage advice to the novice superhero. We consider it a passing of the torch. Oliver encourages Barry to take hold of Central City and be its protector. Considering the strong connection between these two, we doubt this is the last time we'll see them together.

The series' action and CGI look top-notch. The Flash will embrace the more fantastical elements from the comics. Unlike its predecessor, it will shine a light on people with powers. For example, one of its first villains appears to be the Weather Wizard.

Check out the extended trailer below:

What do you think of the first trailer for The Flash?

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