Want to see what's inside Lindelof's mysterious 1952 box?

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Jan 24, 2013, 10:23 AM EST (Updated)

Between his work on the new Star Trek sequel, Lost producer Carlton Cuse has been prepping a mysterious new flick dubbed 1952. Now, we have our first hint at what it’s about.

First up, Lindelof tweeted a picture of a mysterious box with the name “1952” emblazoned across the front. Now, his partner in crime Brad Bird (Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol) has opened that little box up to let us see what’s inside. So what is it?

A bunch of random, old items—which seem to fit the theme of the film’s namesake year. We have what appears to be an old book called Moral Research, a copy of Amazing Stories, some pictures of what appears to be Walt Disney, a record, Technicolor box and some files and folders.

What does it mean? Who knows, but it only ups the ante surrounding the mysterious flick. Considering the date falls right in the middle of UFO sighting mania, some have speculated the film could follow that thread. But no one knows for sure.

The box itself tracks back to a meeting Lindelof had with Disney exec Sean Bailey, which is when the project got off the ground. The box originated from Walt Disney’s old development lab and allegedly included elements of an aborted ride or film involving little green men.

Whatever it's about, 1952 is set to open in 2014. So what do you think it is?

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