Want to support Constantine? Watch it this weekend

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Apr 23, 2015, 6:39 PM EDT

Constantine is on hiatus and is a quantum state of flux: It exists and it doesn't exist. It's enough to make even the problem-solving demon hunter scratch his head. But to those who want to see the NBC TV show remain on the air, there may be a way to save Constantine.

According to ComicVine, NBC will be streaming the entire (currently one and only) season for free over and Hulu, starting tomorrow, April 24. ComicVine writes, "This seems like a last change [sic] to see if the show can bring in viewers. We're guessing they want to know how it's going to do and whether or not it's worth doing a second season."

The timing isn't a coincidence. ComicVine writes that executive producer and writer Daniel Cerone will be pitching a second season on Monday, April 27. This gives viewers the weekend to binge-watch their favorite Vertigo character snarking his way through exorcisms and battles with evil records.

We suggest you carve out a few hours, because the longer Constantine stays on the air, the better chance we'll have at seeing more of his chilling storylines come to life, from fabulous writers such as Neil Gaiman, Warren Ellis, Mike Carey, Garth Ennis and Brian Azzarello. 

(Via ComicVine)