Want Shatner's voice in your pocket? There's an app for that

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Jan 14, 2013, 2:52 PM EST

Even if we just love to hate it, there's no doubt that we all have love for William Shatner's legendary voice. In fact, some of you have probably been wishing you could just carry that voice around in your pocket all day long, right? Right? Well, this is your lucky day.

Blindlight Apps has just launched a new $2.99 download for your iPhone called "Shatoetry," which lets you create your own bit of William Shatner monologue based on pre-recorded speech from the actor himself. It's like having Shatner in your pocket, and he'll say (almost) anything you want.

Basically, you get to choose from any of the words Shatner pre-recorded, then arrange those words into a phrase or speech or poem for Shatner's voice to read back to you. You can even pick from three different cadences based on what tone you'd like to set. And best of all, you can insert a patented Shatner pause at any time to give that extra Shatnery feel.

For example, here's a "Shatism," as the app calls for them, perfect for that Friday evening commute home:

The app also comes with a "Create With Friends" mode, so you can collaborate on new Shatisms and even build on Shatisms your friends have already created. It's perfect for the die-hard Shatner fan, or for someone who just wants to really annoy a friend who's super into Patrick Stewart.

You can buy "Shatoetry" in the iTunes Store here.

(Via Media Bistro)