Want to build a Batmobile? Then you'd better have a lawyer

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Dec 14, 2012

There's bad news today for all you caped crusader wannabes out there. If your life's ambition is to make with the vigilante justice, doling out punishment to any heinous evil-doers who dare harm the innocent? It looks like you're going to have to make do without the sweet ride.

DC Comics recently filed suit against Mark Towles, who owns a little business called "Gotham Garage." Yes, that is a pretty cool name for a place that makes Batmobiles. It's too bad DC thinks Towles is infringing on the "high-tech extraordinary automobile identified as the BATMOBILE vehicle."

The logic behind the decision is that DC feels the general public could be confused into believing that Towles' creations are officially authorized products.

What are they looking for from the California District Court? The destruction of all infringing goods in addition to statutory damages at a minimum of $750k each.


(via The Hollywood Reporter)

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