Want to get a good look at TDKR's Bane? All it takes is a click

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Dec 15, 2012

We've seen Bane in shadows, we've seen him on set, we've seen him on crummy spy videos, but we've never seen a fully stylized Bane in all his villainous glory. But now we can! All it takes is a quick vote in one online poll to get your first full-frontal look at the Big Bad of The Dark Knight Rises.

The poll comes through the good folks at Empire Online, who are ready to reveal the first Dark Knight Rises magazine cover since the film was announced. But they're asking for a little public input.
See, they've got two covers, one featuring Batman and one featuring Bane. Voting on one helps to reveal just a little more of the cover image, and if one or the other receives enough votes, the whole thing is revealed.
Right now, Bane is way ahead because, of course, we've already seen Christian Bale's Batcowl-shrouded mug over and over, but the cover is nowhere near fully revealed. Follow the link, cast your vote, and maybe in a few hours we'll all see a little more of Bane.
(Via Empire Online)

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