Want to see the Hobbit trailer? You'll have to see Tintin

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Dec 16, 2012

We've been anticipating the Steven Spielberg-directed The Adventures of Tintin for some time. But now we have another reason to head toward the theaters, because when Tintin opens on Dec. 21, it's how we'll get to see the trailer for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

Although we know some details from the trailer for the upcoming The Hobbit—it starts off with Bilbo (Ian Holm) retelling his adventures to Frodo (Elijah Wood)—we haven't seen the Precious for ourselves. According to Coming Soon, Tintin will be giving us that window of opportunity.

Sadly, there's no news as to when the trailer for The Hobbit will appear online. It's just as well. Considering that The Hobbit won't be released until Dec. 13, 2012, having more time to watch the trailer over and over again will just make the year seem that much longer.

Peter Jackson produced Tintin and directed The Hobbit. In other words, watching the trailer for The Hobbit while waiting to see Tintin is kind of like having a Jackson festival. We recommend viewers bring a King Kong toy to the theater to make it a complete Jackson experience.

(via Coming Soon)