WAR is already HERE in 1st action-packed Sleepy Hollow Season 2 promo

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Jul 9, 2014

In the words of John Noble's Henry Parrish: "War is not coming to Sleepy Hollow, it's been here all along." 

But we have to ask: Have you guys been missing dear old Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison) and his deputy sidekick Abbie Mills (Nicole Beharie) as much as we did?

Sleepy Hollow was undeniably last year’s surprise hit series -- garnering praise from critics and viewers alike -- which led to Fox promptly renewing the series for a second season, even before season one had finished its run, which was probably a first for Fox.

Now you can all feast your eyes on this exciting new promo,which promises that “evil takes hold” in the upcoming second season:

As you can see, Ichabod is already free from the wooden coffin (did you guys have any doubt at all that Ichy would escape?) in which he was interred by his vengeful son Henry in the mind-blowingly twisty season-one finale.

“You didn't travel through two centuries to die in a pine box,” says Abbie to Ichabod in this promo, which includes a bunch of new footage from the season-two premiere episode, titled “Hellfire." 

Not only is our Ichy free, but so is Abbie, who was left behind and trapped in purgatory. The fun will be to see how both Ichabod and Abbie have managed to free themselves from their pesky predicaments.

Talking of Abbie, it looks like we’ll get to learn more about our fave deputy in the upcoming second season. Executive producer Mark Goffman told TV Guide:

“We're going to be digging into Abbie's past a lot more and getting to know more about her family and her heritage, which is a big part of the show this season. We're also going to be filling out the town even more, so we'll get to see what the people of Sleepy Hollow are like.”

Also rounding out the cast of fresh new faces in season two are Sakina Jaffrey (House of Cards), who will be playing Leena Reyes, the new sheriff in Sleepy Hollow, and Matt Barr (Hellcats), who will play Nick Hawley, a, erm, rugged bounty hunter AND Abbie's new love interest, who is "far too attractive" for actor Tom Mison's liking.

Sleepy Hollow will return on Sept. 22 on Fox. Are you guys ready to see more heads roll in season two?

(via E!Online, TV Guide, Spoiler TV)

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