War For the Planet of the Apes gunning for 2017 Oscar recognition

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Aug 31, 2017, 9:36 AM EDT

And the award for unlikely Oscar-bait contender goes to…

20th Century Fox is set to launch a major campaign for their summer blockbuster War For the Planet of the Apes to boost the film's chances of getting multiple nominations at next year's Academy Awards, Deadline reports.

According to the article, the studio has hired some “top awards consultants" to help get them some gold statue love at the 2018 awards show. They are also reportedly pushing for star Andy Serkis to get an acting nomination for his motion-capture performance as the tribe leader Caesar.

The campaign is said to be gunning to get recogntion in categories including production design, cinematography, costumes, music, sound, visual effects and, of course, makeup.

The film’s producer – and former Fox chief – Peter Chernin, told Deadline why he believes the movie deserves to be in the running. He explained: "In the past people probably have tended to sort of genre-ize it and sort of look at it, well, as if it is a genre movie and not take it as seriously as they should, and I think that you know our view is that this movie deserves serious consideration. Certainly it’s been made with a level of ambition, care, and attention that’s as meaningful as anything I've ever worked on."

Chermin definitely makes a compelling plight, but will it turn into a reality? I don't know about you, but given that the re-booted franchise has had little recognition from the Academy so far - Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011) and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014) both received a single Best Visual Effects nod - it seems unlikely that this third installment will change that.

Yes, the movie had some rave reviews and impressive box office receipts, but it just doesn’t scream major awards season bait to me (I mean, it’s no The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, if we're to compare it to other fantasy trilogies that have taken home gold.)

Or maybe it's time the Oscars went bananas for these apes. Tell us what you think below.