War has a rockin' soundtrack in action-packed Thrones S2 trailer

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Dec 17, 2012

Action fans, don't worry: Judging by the latest teaser for HBO's Game of Thrones, season two will definitely deliver the thrills.

After whetting our appetite with a slow, deliberate trailer a few weeks ago, the network has finally offered a few peeks at some of the massive action set pieces on the way in year two—and it looks good.

War is coming, and judging by what we see here, it's going to be extremely entertaining to watch. That April 1 premiere can't get here fast enough.

Interesting tidbit: This teaser is the first for the show to feature a modern rock song as the backing soundtrack, via Florence + the Machine's "Seven Devils." The tune is a good fit, and only helps build the momentum.

What do you think? Does the latest trailer get you even more fired up for season two?

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