Warcraft releases a beautiful ILM-designed augmented reality trailer

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Jul 18, 2015, 9:02 AM EDT (Updated)

Warcraft is the upcoming movie based the 1994 videogame Warcraft, the first in a series of games that includes the exceedingly popular, mildly addictive 2004 MMO The World of Warcraft. The movie won’t be released until June 10, 2016, 11 months from now. Time for a trailer.

And as befits a trailer for a movie based on a videogame, this one is interactive. (The web browser Chrome is recommended; fans can also view it on iOS and Android. )

Thanks to help from ILM's X-Lab, we “play” a rider on a gryphon mount—which of course makes us Alliance (aka the good guys), not Horde (aka the not-so-good guys). As we fly over the kingdom of Azeroth, we can shift our point of view left and right, up and down. It creates the illusion that we’re actually flying. It’s extremely well done.

Little is known about the plot of Warcraft, except that it’s about the first encounters between humans and orcs. According to director Duncan Jones (Moon, Source Code), the Warcraft movie is all but complete, save for work on 10 effects-laden shots. Jones has said the first trailer with actual plot will drop in November.

Want to know more? The Warcraft team held a panel at San Diego Comic-Con -- check out the video below. 

Via Destructoid.