Warcraft's Duncan Jones thinks Green Lantern is dumb and here's how he would fix him

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May 3, 2017, 3:03 PM EDT (Updated)

Moon and Warcraft director Duncan Jones isn't a fan of DC Comics’ Green Lantern and took to Twitter to offer some ideas on how to fix him.

Let's just say maybe it's a good thing he's not directing Warner Bros.' Green Lantern Corps ... unless you've always wanted to see a Green Lantern movie turn into a comedy featuring a dumb-as-a-rock superhero. (Although, to be honest, that's basically what Ryan Reynolds' 2011 Green Lantern unintentionally was.)

There's also the problem (as my esteemed colleague over at Collider points out) that thanks to his ring, Green Lantern's powers are practically unlimited (as long as the ring is fully charged and doesn't come across the color yellow, that is). So what do you do when you have a character with unlimited power?

Check out the series of tweets from Duncan Jones on how to make the green-clad superhero more interesting and the new and innovative ways he should use his powers.

Whether you agree with Mr. Jones or not, it sure makes for an interesting idea. Jones' next project is Mute, set to be released on Netflix later this year.

As for Green Lantern Corps, the movie penned by David S. Goyer and Justin Rhodes from a story by Geoff Johns will see Hal Jordan and John Stewart team up in a film described as "Lethal Weapon in space" on July 24, 2020. 

(via Collider)