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Warcraft's Duncan Jones to direct comic book adaptation next

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Jul 13, 2018, 12:18 PM EDT

We don’t know much about the next project coming from Moon, Mute, and Warcraft mastermind Duncan Jones, but we do know this: It’s going to be based on a comic book. And therefore, we are hyped.

Teasing us all on Twitter, just a few days from San Diego Comic-Con, when such announcements will run far and wide, Jones posted the following:

Well, there we have it. A pretty special comic book movie with another tease coming in a few days. But what is it?

Geek Tyrant notes that the director recently commented about his interest in the 2000 AD universe, while some speculate one of the big two has recruited the genre-loving director, who has commented on how he'd fix Green Lantern in the past. Beyond that, who knows? Marvel has myriad projects on the way, and studios are snapping up series outside the Big Two like crazy — so the options are limitless.

Even Scott Pilgrim director Edgar Wright knows what’s going on:

C’mon, Jones. Throw us a bone.

Even if we don’t know exactly what project Jones will lend his unparalleled ambition to in the upcoming years, knowing that it has its basis on the page makes it even more exciting.

Give us your best theories and let us know what you're thinking.