Warehouse 13 stars reveal more secret artifacts to come

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

The cast of Warehouse 13 celebrated its successful debut at NBC's party for the Television Critics Association summer press tour on Wednesday night in Pasadena, Calif.: After only five episodes, Warehouse 13 has scored well for Syfy, and cast members offered us a preview of the stories—and the supernatural artifacts that set them in motion—still to come. (Spoilers ahead!)

The show centers on the title storage facility, home to legendary supernatural artifacts and the people who find, retrieve and store them when they cause trouble.

One item that may come as a surprise to viewers is Studio 54's disco ball, said star Eddie McClintock ("Pete Lattimer"). The '70s dance club was legendary, yes, but magical? "Well, the Studio 54 disco ball absorbed all of these lost dreams of the inhabitants of 54," McClintock said in an exclusive interview. "When [club owner] Steve Rubell and that all went down, it was kind of the end of a time of innocence, with the war in Vietnam and all that stuff. It's just so random, and I love that about the show."

Joanne Kelly ("Myka Bering") totally bought into the Studio 54 theory. "Well, Studio 54 had magical powers, from what I've read," she said. "It's an artifact, it's in the warehouse, man."

Kelly's favorite artifact belongs to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland author Lewis Carroll: the mirror that Carroll described in Through the Looking Glass. "We see Pete playing ping-pong with it in one of the first episodes," Kelly said. "It's a mirror that has your reflection, but it's not you. So the essence of the mirror is not you, it's different. Very tricky, this mirror, and I'm a huge Lewis Carroll fanatic, so that was pretty exciting to me."

Another artifact belonged to the Italian inventor of the electrical cell. Allison Scagliotti, who joined the cast in episode four as Claudia Donovan, got harnessed up to portray the effect of that artifact.

Saul Rubinek and Allison Scagliotti

"At one point, I become magnetized to the ceiling after putting on Alessandro Volta's lab coat," Scagliotti said in a separate interview. "That was just awesome to shoot. I was literally 20 feet up in the air on a wire, exhausted. Those harnesses are really constricting. That's what's so cool about Claudia. She's always got her hands on some awesome steampunk gadget. The Warehouse is like Treasure Island for me. Every day is discovering something new."

Perhaps the greatest new artifact in Warehouse 13 is Claudia herself. After debuting in the episode "Claudia," in which she kidnaps Artie (Saul Rubinek), she now works by his side in the Warehouse.

"The only episode I don't appear in from here on is 'Implosion,' which airs in two weeks," Scagliotti said. "Other than that, I'm here to stay. I'm a fixture in the Warehouse. I'm pretty quickly part of the hardware, I think. Next episode you see me build a tool that helps Artie reconstruct crime-scene footage. It's really, really cool the dynamic that Artie and Claudia share, what eventually arises between Claudia and the Pete and Myka characters. If we're a family unit, then Artie is sort of like our curmudgeonly patriarch. Myka is our serious overachieving sister. Pete is the kind of goofy jock, and I'm like the kind of punk middle child who's getting into trouble."

As Artie, Rubinek appreciated what Scagliotti adds to his role. "As much as he obviously has delight in the kind of artifacts, but they become his children," Rubinek said. "He has no wife, he has no kids. Thank God Allison Scagliotti is playing Claudia Donovan as part of the show now and becomes a kind of surrogate daughter for the character. So he has to learn life lessons that he never had to learn before."

McClintock and Kelly also enjoy seeing their fictional boss get some company. "It's great for Artie to have a foil, too, back at the Warehouse, because it gets lonely," McClintock said.

Kelly added, "I think she brings an edge that we needed."

Warehouse 13 airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Syfy.