Warehouse 13's S4 premieres with death, destruction and Brent Spiner

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Dec 17, 2012

Last season on the Warehouse 13 finale, death and destruction rained down, leaving several characters dead and the warehouse blown up. With Mrs. Frederic, Steve Jinks, H.G. Wells AND the warehouse itself gone, how in the world will Warehouse 13 continue when season four premieres on Syfy tonight?

"I mean, the warehouse blew up, but the name of the show is Warehouse 13, so ... ," said executive producer Jack Kenny in an exclusive interview with Blastr. "I always, every year, say the same thing to the fans ... don't worry."

The premiere, "A New Hope," takes place immediately after the events of last season's finale, with the warehouse destroyed by Sykes' bomb and Artie, Myka and Pete looking over the wreckage.

"The first episode is just an incredibly exciting ride in terms of how we deal with what's happened and how we move forward and how we create the world of the next season of Warehouse 13. I think it's probably one of our most emotional episodes we've shot, with everybody dealing with so many huge issues. We're still dealing with the death of H.G. and Steve and Mrs. Frederic, and, you know, it's a very ... God, I wish I could tell you more," he said.

Kenny does admit that the premiere will kick off the events of the first half of the season in a big way.

"We've got a tremendously exciting arc for the first 10 episodes that involves Artie. Something is majorly set in motion in the first episode and climaxes in a major way in the ninth and 10th episodes. Along the way we still have our great artifacts constant, snags and bags and tags and all that. And we have a really exciting version of the Big Bad this year," said Kenny.

Brent Spiner (Star Trek: The Next Generation) joins the cast as Brother Adrian, a priest who ends up being Artie's nemesis and this year's Big Bad.

"There's just so many cool things coming up this season. We've got some amazing guest stars coming in again." Look for René Auberjonois and Lindsay Wagner to return, and Being Human's Sam Huntington to guest-star as a young jazz musician.

"Then our fourth episode takes place at a boys' school with one story in the boys' school and one story in New Orleans, and we get to see Sam Huntington and René Auberjonois coming for that episode, and it's Bobby Fisher's marbles."

Regarding those snags, bags and tags of artifacts, "we've got an artifact that belongs to Lovecraft. Also, Sykes had a whole collection of artifacts that we never found, so we have to go out and dig up all those artifacts. That's a fun episode where a bunch of artifacts are loose in one town," said Kenny.

The agents will also have a run-in with Scott Joplin's cigarette case, there's an episode that takes place in Toronto where Myka has a flirtation with a hockey player, and there will also be a little romance for Pete somewhere along the way. And then there's Alice Liddell, aka Alice of Alice in Wonderland. "Yes, we may be having trouble with Alice once again," he said.

"This year we're going to see how an artifact is born, and we're going to show how we might pick a Regent. ... There's a really cool story with Mrs. Frederic and Claudia where Claudia gets a little bit of a glimpse of what Mrs. Frederic does," said Kenny.

This season will "deepen the relationships with the regulars to find out a little bit more about what their life dreams are, what their five- and 10-year plans are, how they see their future. We'll see everybody looking into their future a little bit to see what's going to happen. Am I going to have a family? Am I going to be here forever? Am I ever going to find love? We deal with that a little with all the characters in the middle, of course, digging for artifacts."

While Syfy has ordered 20 episodes this season, 10 episodes will air this summer, with the second half of the season airing next April.

Here's a sneak peek at Warehouse 13's season premiere:

Are you ready for a brand-new season of Warehouse 13?