Warm your inner geek with these 10 Marvel superhero fireside videos

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May 5, 2017, 11:08 AM EDT (Updated)

Ever wonder how the ranks of Marvel's superhero universe spend the holidays in their own humble homes, apartments and spaceships? Well, snuff out that smoldering Presto log in your own fireplace and replace it with these 10 atmospheric virtual fireplace videos released by Marvel, with crackling, heartwarming hearths themed after Iron Man, Guardians of the Galaxy, Ms. Marvel, Thor and Captain America.  

While I am definitely no home design guru and often use antlers in all of my decorating, I can certainly appreciate the tasteful abodes of all our crusaders, caped or not. Gotta love the little details placed in each inviting room as well, from the framed photo of Peggy Carter in Steve Rogers' place and the glory portrait hanging over Tony Stark's mantel, to Ms. Marvel's iconic lightning sweater and Thor's triqueta sigil.

Fire up these geeky hour-long yule logs and tell us which ones deck your halls the best.  Me? I dig Thor's Asgardian bachelor pad!  

(Via Nerd Approved)