Warner Bros. is already quietly planning for a Suicide Squad sequel

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Mar 3, 2016

Though Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice might be the heavy hitter on paper, a whole lot of the buzz seems to be building around Warner Bros.’s other big DC Comics movie hitting this year. Turns out the studio is also starting to hedge its bets.

The Wrap reports Warner Bros. is already lining up director David Ayer, as well as the principal cast, to return and shoot a Suicide Squad sequel in 2017 (with a release probably around 2018). Here’s the choice excerpt, which slips in at the bottom of a larger report on Will Smith joining Ayer for the cop film Bright (which also sounds cool):

Ayer hopes to fit the project into his fall schedule before Warner Bros. brings him and Smith back for a planned “Suicide Squad” sequel in 2017.

Considering how well received the early trailers have been for Suicide Squad, it’s no surprise that Warner Bros. would want to have a sequel on the fast track if the first film turns out to be a hit. Where Batman v Superman just feels like a necessary stepping stone to Justice League, Suicide Squad is shaping up to be one of the most unique comic films of the year — and that’s including all the stuff also coming from Marvel.

The film has an A-list cast, a unique premise, and could strike at the perfect time in the post-Deadpool market of adult-leaning comic films (though, admittedly, Sucide Squad will almost certainly be rated at a hard PG-13). But still, it could be a perfect storm — and DC apparently thinks so, too.


(Via The Wrap, /Film)

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