Warner Bros. box office tops 2 billion on strength of Wonder Woman, It, and Justice League

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Dec 10, 2017, 1:21 PM EST

While Disney is likely to end up the overall box office winner of 2017, Warner Bros. is the first to cross the $2 billion mark for 2017 which makes it their best year since 2009 when they earned $2.13 billion. 

That increase in box office numbers is thanks to a 2017 slate of movies heavily weighted with genre films like Wonder Woman ($4.1M), It ($3.3M), Justice League $2.1M), and The LEGO Batman Movie ($1.75M). Of the top 5 films, Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk is the only non-geek genre film placing fourth with a very respectable $1.88M. 

In 2009, The top 5 movies were Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince ($3.1M), The Hangover ($2.7M), The Blind Side ($2.5M), Sherlock Holmes ($2M), and Terminator: Salvation ($1.25M), with Watchmen also coming in over the $1M mark. By comparison, this year Warner Bros. had 7 films earn over a billion when you factor in both Kong: Skull Island ($1.68M) and Anabelle: Creation ($1M).

It could just be that Warner Bros. had a genre heavy slate this year by coincidence, but the numbers show a definite interest in horror, sci-fi, and adventure films, not to mention the DC Comics films Warner Bros. has put so much into. 

With both Tomb Raider and Ready Player One set to come out in 2018, the question will be if Warner Bros. is focusing on more genre films and, if so, will they break $2B in 2018 as well.

See you at the movies.

(via Deadline)

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