Warner Bros. developing big-budget adaptation of literary classic Dante's Inferno

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Aug 22, 2015, 7:52 PM EDT (Updated)

A centuries-old work of literature is set to be Warner Bros.’s next blockbuster, as the studio has inked a deal to bring Dante’s Inferno to the big screen.

The classic 14th-century tale The Divine Comedy follows Dante as he descends through the nine circles of hell to rescue the woman he loves. The studio has snagged up-and-coming screenwriter Dwain Worrell’s script Dante’s Inferno, and aside from the love story, we don’t know exactly which direction they’ll be taking the journey through the nine circles of hell. Though a period-set adaptation could be interesting, we’d imagine the studio might opt to go for a modern-day interpretation.

Dante’s original tale is a vivid, visceral portrayal of the different levels of hell. The thought of seeing all that realized with modern-day effects is fascinating. Of course, it’ll all depend on the visual style the studio takes with the source material. We’d love to see something lush and classical (a la Guillermo del Toro), as opposed to the ho-hum CGI explosions and videogame style (a la Michael Bay).

According to Deadline’s report on the deal, Warner Bros. is “excited by its scale and franchise potential,” meaning we could be making a few journeys deep into the heart of the fiery furnace and across the River Acheron. If you’re unfamiliar with Worrell, his script for wartime drama The Wall is currently on the 2014 Black List, so the guy definitely has some writing chops.

What do you think? Could Dante’s Inferno be the next box-office franchise?

(Via Deadline)