Warner Bros. is currently developing NINE new DC comic-based movies

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Feb 12, 2020, 5:50 PM EST (Updated)

After finally confirming Zack Snyder has been retained to direct a future Justice League flick, The Wall Street Journal just dropped another DC bombshell.

In a piece looking into how Warner Bros. plans to capitalize on all those DC comic properties, the report confirms that the studio has a boatload of projects in the pipeline. How many? Apparently nine additional films based on DC properties are in the works, which is confirmation they’ll be more than doubling down on Snyder’s Man of Steel universe.

That list doesn’t include Justice League, though we’d think Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s gestating Sandman film and Nikolaj Arcel’s Fables could be two of those mystery projects. As for the rest? No clue, though it’d stand to reason a new Batman film with Ben Affleck could be in the offing, plus anything from Wonder Woman to Green Lantern to Aquaman or Cyborg might also be in the works.

It’ll be interesting to see exactly how many of these projects fit into DC’s unified canon, and which films could stand alone (i.e. Sandman) outside of the upcoming Justice League world. What do you think? Which DC heroes would you like to see on the big screen next?

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