Warner Bros. just registered domains for 4 DC movies, but only one's been announced

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Sep 2, 2014

Sometimes, when a company registers a domain, it's just a matter of covering their bases. But there have been so many rumors about what movies we'll see post-Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck duking it out in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice that, this time, it seems a little too convenient. Almost like DC's trying to tell us something.

So, what's on their minds exactly? Well, here are the domains freshly registered:





Now, we already knew that Zack Snyder has dibs on a Justice League movie, but beyond that, all the rest of these names have just been rumored. Some are all but locked. Dwayne Johnson practically shouted Shazam from the rooftops, and the pressure is mounting for DC to give Wonder Woman her own movie, since she's appearing in Batman v Superman. As for Aquaman? We've heard time and again that Jason Momoa's got that part and will be in BvS, but no official announcement has been made. Could it be that Warner's still in contract negotiation with Momoa and a stand-alone movie is on the table?

It seems like all of these are pretty likely given that DC announced they had movies planned all the way through 2020, but these domains only stoke the fire all the more.

Only time will tell for sure whether these movies are actually being made, but we imagine that time is coming very soon.

(via The Mary Sue)