Warner Bros. resurrects the Lobo movie, and they want Michael Bay to direct it

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Feb 8, 2018, 4:13 PM EST

The Lobo movie has reared its head once again, and this time Michael Bay could be in the director's chair. The blockbuster director—who has long been savaged by critics and cinephiles but whose films regularly gross hundreds of millions of dollars worldwide—is in talks with the studio to direct the feature film debut of the fan-favorite DC Comics alien mercenary, The Wrap reported Thursday. 

According to the report, Bay has already met with DC Films to talk about the project and offer suggestions on how he'd approach Lobo. Those notes will go to Wonder Woman co-writer (he has a story credit) Jason Fuchs, who will then rewrite the Lobo script. Warner Bros. hopes that the strength of that rewrite will then convince Bay to officially sign on. If all goes well, Warners and DC are hoping they can make an antihero blockbuster that will be their version of Fox's smash hit Deadpool

The studio had no comment on the report.

Development on the Lobo film dates back to 2009, when director Guy Ritchie (Sherlock Holmes) was attached to helm the project. Ritchie eventually bowed out, and then things got interesting again when Dwayne Johnson was rumored to take the title role with his San Andreas collaborator Brad Peyton directing. That eventually fell through as well, and Johnson went on to land another upcoming DC Films leading role: Black Adam. He and Peyton also eventually reteamed to make this year's video game adaptation Rampage

Now, it seems Warner Bros. is taking another swing at Lobo, and Bay is interested in directing his very first superhero movie. If this becomes official, it will no doubt breed plenty of contentious responses from fans (just say the words "Michael Bay" in a group of three or more nerds and see how many annoyed groans you hear), but even if Bay doesn't commit, Lobo is inching away from the back burner once again.