Warner Bros adapting sci-fi novel with battle-ready space cadets

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Dec 17, 2012

It looks like Ender Wiggin might have some competition, as Warner Bros. is readying its own young-adult-friendly sci-fi story based on an upcoming novel that's been described as Harry Potter ... in space!

Here's the premise of The Planet Thieves, the upcoming effort from author Dan Krokos (False Memory):

The book focuses on a young space cadet who finds himself caught in the middle of Earth's struggle to survive. His ship is attacked by an alien race bent on gaining control of a weapon they're carrying on board.

The weapon in question has the power to destroy Earth. And the young cadet (a 13-year-old) must lead his peers in a battle against their invaders. So where did the author get such an idea?

On Krokos official blog he wrote:

"I wanted to write a pure adventure story, something fun. What I came up with is slightly darker than what I was going for, but it's still a work in progress. I got the idea when I imagined the bridge of a space ship manned only by cadets. Kids who knew what they were doing but lacked the experience of battle. I asked myself why that would happen, and went from there."

The Planet Thieves is scheduled for release next year, while producer David Heyman (Harry Potter franchise) is busy working on its adaptation.

What do you think of The Planet Thieves? Could it be the next big thing?

(via Deadline)

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