Javier Bardem may be out of Dark Tower (but look who may be in!)

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Dec 17, 2012

That mega-ambitious adaptation of Stephen King's The Dark Tower saga keeps showing new signs of life. After months of wondering if we would ever see it happen at all, it seems Warner Bros. might finally be preparing to pull the trigger on the Ron Howard/Brian Grazer project, but they're eyeing a new leading man.

Whispers that Warners would get behind the project after Universal dropped it over budget concerns have long been swirling, but months later the studio has yet to do anything official with the project, which if all goes according to plan will feature three movies bridged by two seasons of television that HBO is reportedly already on board for.

Now it seems that screenwriter Akiva Goldsman is preparing to deliver a new draft of the Dark Tower script to the studio, a draft that will hopefully solve some of the budget issues that made Universal so nervous in the first place. If the script is up to snuff, there's a good chance Warner Bros. could push forward with the project, but there's another twist.

Though Javier Bardem had long been attached to the project to play the lead role of the gunslinger Roland Deschain, word is Howard and company are after someone else now. But who?

Russell Crowe, that's who.

Yup, it seems the Oscar-winning Howard collaborator (they've made both A Beautiful Mind and Cinderella Man together) is now at the top of the list to play Roland, the hero who carries King's saga through eight (seven and one just-released prequel) novels. What happened to Bardem? We don't know. How sure is Crowe's attachment? We don't really know that either. If we've learned anything from covering developments on The Dark Tower so far, it's that nothing is really certain with this project. But either way, things just got a little more interesting (or infuriating, depending on how you feel about Russell Crowe).

What do you think? Could this flick finally be happening? And if it does, is Crowe the man to carry it?

(Via IndieWire)

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