Uh-oh! Studio sends producer to set to save troubled Mad Max 4

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Dec 17, 2012

After more than a decade of development hell, George Miller's fourth Mad Max flick, Fury Road, is finally shooting in Namibia. But now the film's in a new kind of trouble, and it's bad enough that the studio sent someone out to make sure Miller doesn't wreck the thing.

According The Hollywood Reporter's sources, Fury Road has been struggling to stay on track lately, running over schedule and over budget. When the film started running as much as five days late, Warner Bros. studio head Jeff Robinov flew out to the set to check on things, and apparently decided Miller and company needed some close monitoring.

In an effort to get the film back on budget, Robinov dispatched producer Denise di Novi to be a "studio representative," who will observe production and then report back to the studio.

"It's easier having someone there who has experience and who can keep us posted on the day's events," Robinov said.

Though it's never a good sign when an executive feels you need a special chaperone on set, Robinov also said that he's confident the film will wrap in November as expected.

What do you think? Does this mean Fury Road's in serious trouble, or is it to be expected with a production that was this hard to get off the ground in the first place?

(Via THR)