Was Childs THE THING? One fan seeks to prove it

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Dec 15, 2012
With a remake/prequel (premake?) looming, it's a great time to revisit John Carpenter's The Thing ... especially that ambiguous ending, which leaves us wondering at the ultimate fate of Kurt Russell's MacReady, Keith David's Childs and the shape-shifting alien parasite that may have infected one or both of them. There's been a lot of speculation over the years as to the ultimate outcome, but now one man, armed with an excruciating attention to detail, is setting out to provide an answer.

That fan's name is Rob Ager, and he's put together a pair of videos that carefully and exactingly dissect Carpenter's excellent survival horror flick. Everything from seemingly incidental sound effects to costume continuity is included in the analysis, with the ultimate resolution being that, yes, Childs had been assimilated by the alien entity by the end of the film, and that MacReady roasted him with a flamethrower shortly after the last shot.

What do you think? Has Ager proved his case? Would you have torched Childs?