Was Natalie Portman forced back to work on Thor: The Dark World?

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Dec 17, 2012

Before Game of Thrones director Alan Taylor was tapped to direct Thor: The Dark World, Patty Jenkins was set to be in the director's chair ... but then she and Marvel studios parted ways. In turn, this decision made actress Natalie Portman quite unhappy with the studio, and it's now reported that the actress may have been "forced" back to reprise her role as Thor's (Chris Hemsworth) lady love Jane Foster.

According to a story over at TG Daily, Portman no longer wanted to work on the project. However, when the Black Swan Oscar winner signed on for the first Thor, the actress had entered into a multi-picture deal with Marvel studios.

It's also reported that the studio forced Portman to honor her contract.

This news comes hot on the heels of the announcement by Hugo Weaving that he had no intentions of reprising his role as the Red Skull on Captain America (which is frankly not that much of a problem, considering that any number of good actors covered in latex could step in to replace Weaving).

But let's go back to Portman.

Do you guys believe the actress was actually forced back to work as Jane Foster on the Thor sequel? If that's the case, was Marvel right to force her? Do you believe the studio should have let her go instead?

Thor: The Dark World will hit theaters Nov. 8, 2013.

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