Waste away your workday with the new Interstellar text adventure game

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Mar 17, 2015, 7:15 PM EDT (Updated)

Whether you loved it or hated it, there's no arguing that Interstellar was one of last year's most talked-about genre films, an ambitious journey beyond our solar system from director Christopher Nolan that left many of us enthralled and many of us scratching our heads. The film got its Digital HD release today, ahead of a Blu-ray release later this month, and now we get the chance to discuss Interstellar's merits and shortcomings all over again while also getting some added fun in the form of a tie-in game. But this isn't just any game. This is a text adventure game (if you don't know what that is, do some Googling or watch the opening scene from Big), so fire up the old Commodore 64 and get ready to type in some commands. 

The game, available for free to be played in the web browser of your choice, is a prequel to the film, written by executive producer Jordan Goldberg. You assume the role of one of the 12 Lazarus astronauts who ventured through the wormhole to assess the planets found on the other side. The game begins as you land on the planet you're about to explore and awaken from your cryo-sleep, and yes, you get one of those nifty robots from the movie to help you out.

In the Interstellar film, the astronauts must grapple with the concept of relativity, of time altering as they get closer to and further away from the black hole at the center of the system of planets they're exploring. If they get close enough, minutes for them become years back home on Earth. I mention this because this little game is exactly the kind of thing that could lead to you encountering your very own form of relativity at work. You think you're going to play for a few minutes during a break, and the next thing you know an hour's gone by. So ... just be warned.

Play the game HEREInterstellar is available now on Digital HD and hits Blu-ray on March 31.

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