WATCH: 10 sci-fi and fantasy schools we'd like to attend

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Sep 6, 2017

It's back-to-school time, and unfortunately that probably means homework, angst, and changing friend groups 20 times in the next year. Yup, even us old guys remember all that.

What it probably doesn't mean for you, though, is learning to use magic or your superpowers, fighting off your time-traveling torturous teachers, or solving your friend's murder (um, we hope). Those stories are better left for the pages of comic books, your favorite movies and TV shows, or the latest novel you can't put down.

Of course, it's nice to dream, and we love to imagine ourselves getting a letter delivered by an owl or a visit from a guy in a wheelchair who can speak to us in our minds. With that inĀ mind (get it? right?), we take a look at the 10 schools in sci-fi, fantasy, and horror we'd actually love to attend. Even if some of them get blown up all the time or have a survival rate of about 20%.

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