Watch 100 great sci-fi movies at once in epic 6+ minute supercut

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Jan 14, 2013, 1:38 PM EST

It's 2012 and the holiday season—we're all pretty busy individuals. So who has the time to kick back and catch up on the best of the best in sci-fi films? Luckily, there's a supercut for that.

One intrepid Redditor has put together a 6+ minute mashup of 100 of the greatest sci-fi films ever made, pulling together the most action-packed and iconic scenes ever put to film.

It's pretty awesome, and the most fun is trying to blow through it to see how many films you recognize.

If you get tired of all the turkey, parades and football this week, just fire this one up and get a 100-film sci-fi fix in less than seven minutes.

Check out the supercut below!

What do you think? How many movies can you identify in there?

(Via Reddit)