Watch: 12 Monkeys cast and crew tease Season 4 and saying goodbye

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Sep 3, 2019, 7:17 AM EDT (Updated)

12 Monkeys may be a show about time travel, time loops, and time manipulation ... but even it will run out of time eventually. The fourth and final season is in production now, having recently wrapped their run in Toronto and switching over to on-location shoots.

SYFY WIRE's Aaron Sagers sat down with the cast as well as creator Terry Matalas at San Diego Comic-Con for a few hints at the final season, what it's like to grow with -- and say goodbye to -- these characters, and why fans will leave satisfied.

"I read the final script, and the first thing I did was text Terry and just go, 'It's perfect,'" Amanda Schull said. "It's beautiful. It also made me really emotional, to just think about whether I did everything I could for [Cassie]."

With that, Matalas interrupted to say, simply, "Oh, you did."

Emily Hampshire, who plays the twisted Jennifer Goines, said that Jennifer was infectious -- the crew would "take on Jennifer" during certain moments.

So what's in store for Season 4?

"There's too many [moments] to mention," Matalas said. "Each of these characters completes their arc. The end of their emotional journeys is what I'm looking forward to."

"There's payoffs from Season 1," Todd Stashwick pointed out, saying it's something you don't see often in television.

Check out the whole interview below, and catch up onĀ 12 Monkeys on demand and on the Syfy app!

Additional reporting by Lucas Siegel